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  • FREE Masterclass.

  • Design a Vision for 2021


    Through the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, you can reinforce your goals, support your intentions, and trigger opportunities for success – right from home! Join us for this FREE training to learn these secrets on designing your house on purpose!

    Your Home as the Ultimate Vision Board

  • The magic of Feng Shui already exists in your home. All you need is the blueprint.

    And that blueprint is the Feng Shui map, which is known as the bagua. Think of this map as a life-sized vision board. Every area where you crave improvement in your life is represented in your living space right now. Room by room and life area by life area, your home embodies a framework to affect positive change. And when your space matches your soul’s wish list, the transformation – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – is irrefutable.

    In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the 9 life areas of your home, including Wealth, Love, and Career.

  •  Interpret what each area is reflecting about your life.

  • Engage auspicious energy through deliberate décor choices.

  • Amplify desired results by “matching” your desires with your surroundings.

  • Open yourself up to a more creative and inspired life.

  • Feng Shui can create a supportive environment, but it’s most potent and powerful when it works and aligns with your goals. The bagua is a wonderful container for making your intentions and resolutions the center of attention. By intentionally “dressing” your home with your dreams and plans, you'll discover your perspective shifting; your personal growth accelerating; and your life becoming more prosperous.

    What Will You Learn In This Free MASTERCLASS

    What Is Your Vision?

    We all start the year with lavish goals of what we want to accomplish and who we want to be for this coming year! Let’s kick off the year right by getting clear on our vision for our life.

    How Can Your Space Support Your Vision?

    What we experience in life is often reflected energetically in our surroundings. And when we change what’s happening around us in a positive way, we reconfigure what happens in our lives as well.

    How Feng Shui & Design support your vision?

    By using Feng Shui principles combined with design elements, you will be able to create a space that not only is aesthetically pleasing, but allows the energy to flow so you can manifest your dream life. Create a home that supports the goals you are wanting to achieve this year.

    Are You Ready To Create A Home That Reflects Who You Truly Are?

    This Is Your Chance To Learn From Amanda Gibby Peters and Sophia Clark as to How You Can Create A Space That Reflects Who You Are And Your Style That Supports Your Vision for 2021!

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